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When Ingor found there were no good books to teach her daughters her native language...she wrote one. 

Ingor van Rooie

The Books


Afrikaans is a West Germanic language formally recognized as a separate language from Dutch and adopted as an official language of South Africa in 1925. This handbook was written to help your child explore and learn Afrikaans. Whether you have roots in South Africa or not, it is a wonderful and expressive language to learn. This book will help them to be able to conduct a basic conversation in our beloved language.

The Author


Ingor van Rooi grew up in South Africa, speaking English and Afrikaans. She and her husband now live in Canada with their three daughters. When she found there were no good books to help her daughters learn her native language, she set out to write one. She is a speaker, a networking ninja, helping others to build networks and make more sales, and the founder and CEO of We Got This!

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