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When Ilona ran off to Spain with her lover, she had no idea what was in store for her. She believed in Jesus and hoped for a happy future. Instead, her “boyfriend” revealed himself to be a pimp who forced her into prostitution. Years later, she nearly lost her life when a customer attacked her with a knife. It was through many miracles that she was set free and healed in her body and soul by Jesus.

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Ilona Miler was born in 1955 in Memmingen, Germany. During the five years of her life when she was being sexually exploited in prostitution and almost got killed, she lived in multiple countries including Spain and France. After she obtained her freedom and experienced not just physical but also spiritual freedom, God lead her to China, where she lived and ministered for 26 years. She currently lives in Vienna, Austria where she lives and works together with an NGO that combats sexual exploitation and human trafficking.


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