Mainstream, Historical Adventure, Romance

"The Sion Grail appeals to the mind and is a reading pleasure.."

Janet Kramer

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In Paris seeking her French lineage, Mary Magdalena Forsythe (Maggie) discovers a priceless historic grail which belongs to a legendary secret society, The Priory of Sion, and is hotly pursued by a treacherous collector. Romance and adventure follow Maggie as she travels to the South of France in search of her namesake and the grail’s origins.


There, she experiences a spiritual link with Mary Magdalene, along with insights into the historic Jesus and Mary Magdalene connection. The story’s events challenge Maggie to confront her soul’s journey, changing her life forever.


The Author


Janet Kramer began her career as an English and French teacher, but life has taken her into many fields, including politics-as a two time candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives. A world traveler and a Francophile, Kramer's personal experience in the Mary Magdalene cave in Provence inspired her to write this story.


The Sion Grail reflects her keen interest in research, religious history, and spirituality. She began writing short stories, memoirs, and novels in the mid-1990s, and has previously published short fiction. The author makes her home in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. 

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