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Judith Granahan

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Judith Granahan of Minnesota writes books about strong, intelligent, inventive women who get in trouble. The question is who will survive, who won't? Women have always been described as super human to sniveling child, intelligent to incompetent, collaborator to cut-throat. With such varied attributes in mind, Granahan creates novels full of compelling characters dealing with mystery, danger, thrills, romance, horror, and difficult choices.


In her debut novel, Dancers of the Third Age, Anna Mae fires a pistol at her deceased husband's grave, and shortly after, bewildered, frightened by her behavior, blurts out a dark secret to friends she believes will understand. They don't. Fueled by their own pasts, Libby and Ginger unravel. Hiding anger and disbelief, they take Anna Mae on a road trip to face the people they feel she’s wronged. Their journey changes them, and those they meet along the way.


In the forthcoming Black Mountain, Kate discovers a million dollars has been stolen from the company. Believing the woman involved was murdered she still reports the theft. Discovering a second, much larger theft, Mia realizes she shouldn’t trust anyone. Who are the thieves? Can she outwit them?

The Author


Judith Granahan started life in Massachusetts, married, moved to Minnesota and started a family. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Working in Cardiac Care, first as a staff nurse then as a nurse manager, she became amazed by the strength and resilience in ordinary women. Finding most novels about strong women took place either in history, foreign lands, or were about brilliant female detectives, she decided to give ordinary women a voice. Dancers of the Third Age is that novel

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