Poetry Anthology


2020: NATURE

Submissions open until October 31, 2021:

Gabriel’s Horn is accepting submissions of poetry for an annual anthology. We are looking for poetry that is: written in traditional form, positive, uplifting, and inspirational, in particular with a focus on faith and family. $3 submission fee for up to 5 poems. Poets are paid $5 per published poem under 14 lines and $10 per published poem 14 lines or more.


Our theme for 2021 is LOVE. We are looking for moments of love, reflections on love, parental love, romantic love, filial love, images or stories or moments of love, exploring nature--anything to do with love. SUBMISSIONS OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 31, 2021.



  1. Send $3 submission fee to @GabrielsHorn at VENMO

  2. Send up to 5 poems to gabrielshornpress@gmail.com

  3. Specify which form each poem is.

Visit our 2020 Anthology Startled by NATURE:

Edited by: Laura Vosika

Featured poet: Timothy Young

Also Including: many more

Visit our 2019 Anthology Startled by JOY:

Edited by: Laura Vosika and Michael Dean

Featured poets: Thomas R. Smith and Dan Blum

Also Including:

J.S. Absher * Jacqueline Anderson * Donna Marie Beck * J.M. Bollman * Teresa Burleson

Lorri Centineo * Mark Connor * Deb Felio * Lilly Gelle * Mark Andrew Heathcote * Mary Beth Hines

Robert Henry Hoffman * Rebecca Hope * Donna Isaac * Ed Meek * Annette Moore * Carter Norman

Marc T. Payne * Tony Plocido * Chris Reid * Luisa Kay Reyes * J. A. Sellers * Kim Schneider

Suzanne Swanson * Tekkan * Mary Vlooswyk * Sara Dovre Wudali

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