"Much more than romance, in a unique historical setting..."

Stephanie Derhak

The Books


A turn of the century romance set in the logging camps of Minnesota.


Secrets at the Timbers finds Lally Rice fleeing her abusive father and escaping to a northern Minnesota lumber camp. Unbeknownst to her, her former love and the father of her baby is working there as a sawyer. Eager to resume their relationship, but frustrated by his rebuffs, she seeks the secret of his tormented life since leaving the farm to settle a new territory. She struggles to keep the secret of their baby, lost at the hand of her father, from him. While rigors of life as a camp cookee occupy her time, a secret nemesis returns to destroy what happiness she might create for herself. This novel, rich in folklore, paints a vivid picture of a way of life now gone.

The Author


Stephanie DerhakHistorical Romance writer, weaves together her interest in early Minnesota history with her love of writing and has written several historical romance novels. Her latest novel is set during the turn of the century in a northern Minnesota lumber camp.


At a young age, her reading material consisted of her mother's detective books, such as Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer and her grandmother's westerns by Zane Grey. She finally became introduced to gothic romances as a teen and was hooked.


Stephanie earned a bachelor's degree in Science at Macalester College and vows one day she will write a thriller involving her other love, molecular science and cell manipulation.

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