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Blossom is a tabby cat that lives on Tulip Drive with her family, Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher and daughter Willow. Blossom has good intentions, but Mrs. Hatcher does not appreciate missing buttons from her chairs, china plates crashing to the floor or frog feet floating in the baby shower punch. Blossom tries to do the right thing but winning Mrs. Hatcher’s approval is harder than catching her own tail. 

The Adventures of a Cat Named Blosso
The Adventures of a Cat Named Blosso

Blossom tries so hard to be good.....

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Sue Wilson took a children’s writing course in 2005 with the intention of writing children’s storybooks. Instead, her final assignment was a chapter book about a cat named Blossom. She’s been writing about Blossom ever since. Sue is currently posting short stories to Before retirement, she worked for 26 years at Target’s corporate headquarters. She currently lives with her husband in Maple Grove, Minnesota. They have three adult daughters, all living in Minneapolis.

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Homepage: Bi-weekly blog entries from Blossom the Cat, detailing her latest adventures.


Twitter: Linked to facebook, with occasional additional updates or updates on author friends' work.